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Purchasing Your Yearbook

Congratulations! Celebrate your graduation and the memories you created at GW. The yearbook includes the awesome moments from your GW experience. Celebrate these memories forever!

Please use a permanent shipping address and non-GW email when purchasing your book!
Books are shipped in Summer 2024.

All students of GW (Undergraduates of any year, Masters Students, and Doctoral Students)
are welcome to purchase yearbooks and have a portrait taken.

Refund Policy
Please seek a refund from your point of purchase (either through Lauren Studios or Herff Jones). They will be able to provide a refund up until a certain point at the end of the spring semester, and each have their own individual policies regarding refunds. After the book is submitted to Herff Jones in June 2024, neither group nor the Cherry Tree will be able to provide refunds.

Return to Sender Policy
If a book is returned to our office as a Return to Sender due to an insufficient address, the individual who purchased the book will be responsible for any shipping charges.

Note About Past Yearbooks:
Please email us if you would like to buy a yearbook from a previous academic year. We may have extra copies and would be able to ship the book to you. This may be a different cost from the original book and shipping.


To purchase your book on Lauren Studios:

This option is for students who would like their portrait taken

  1. Visit

  2. Create a new account with school passcode "GW24"

  3. Follow instructions to schedule a portrait and to purchase a book



To purchase your book on Herff Jones:​

This option is for students who would not like their portrait included, or for those who did not purchase their book through Lauren Studios

  1. Visit by clicking "Buy Your Yearbook" below.

  2. The code is "5817" and confirm that the school name is "The George Washington University".

  3. Select "Order your Yearbook" and choose between domestic and international shipping.

  4. Buy this item for a student and add yourself as a student when it prompts you.

  5. Proceed through the checkout process.

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